Senate Meetings are every Wednesday from 9:00am-11:00am (Coville Conference Room)

Senate Meetings

2022-2023 Senate Meeting Agendas & Minutes

AgendasMinutesSupporting Materials

Agenda for 3/29/23 (PDF, 206kb)


Agenda for 3/8/23 (PDF, 211 kb)


Agenda for 3/1/23 (PDF, 209kb)

Minutes for 3/1/23 (PDF, 131kb) 

Agenda for 2/22/23 (PDF, 179kb)

Minutes for 2/22/23 (PDF, 211kb) 

Agenda for 2/15/23 (PDF, 177kb)

Minutes for 2/15/23 (PDF, 190KB)CIPD Presentation (PDF, 36.1M)

Agenda for 2/8/23 (PDF, 175kb)

Minutes for 2/8/23 (PDF, 244KB) 

Agenda for 2/1/23 (PDF, 174kb)

Minutes for 2/1/23 (PDF, 210kb)


Agenda for 11/23/22 (PDF, 170kb)

Minutes for 11/23/22 (PDF, 286kb)


Agenda for 11/16/22 (PDF, 108kb)

Minutes for 11/16/22 (PDF, 183kb)

SQE- "Title IX Fails Us" Campaign Demands  (PDF, 121kb)

Agenda for 11/09/22 (PDF, 112kb)

Minutes for 11/09/22 (PDF, 262kb)


11/02/22 Cancelled

11/02/22 Cancelled


Agenda for 10/26/22 (PDF, 114kb)

Minutes for 10/26/22 (PDF, 134kb)

CIUPD and CAPS Budgeting and Ops (PDF, 6.3m)

CI vs CSU Budget Presentation (PDF, 414kb)

Agenda for 10/19/22 (PDF, 110kb)

 Minutes for 10/19/22 (PDF, 238)


Agenda for 10/12/22 (PDF, 106kb)

Minutes for 10/12/22 (PDF, 125 kb)


Agenda for 10/05/22 (PDF, 105kb)

Minutes for 10/05/22 (PDF, 143kb)SQE Presentation (PDF, 787kb)

Agenda for 9/28/22 (PDF, 97kb)

Minutes for 9/28/22 (PDF, 199kb)


9/21/22 Cancelled 

9/21/22 Cancelled


Agenda for 9/14/22 (PDF, 164kb)

Minutes for 9/14/22 (PDF, 166kb)

Administration Goals (PDF, 367kb)

Agenda for 9/07/22 (PDF, 223 kb)

Minutes for 9/07/22 (PDF, 244 kb)


2022-2023 Internal Affairs Committee Meeting Agendas & Minutes

AgendasMinutesSupporting Materials

Agenda for 11/22/22 (PDF, 92kb)



Agenda for 11/08/22 (PDF, 90kb)

Minutes for 11/08/22 (PDF, 112kb)

Impeachment Resolution 11/08/22 (PDF, 78kb)

**Special Meeting

Alternative accessible formats are available upon request.

To view previous years' agendas and minutes, please visit our archive page here:
Meeting Minutes and Agendas Archive

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