Executive Branch

Student Government President: Aurora Rugerio she/her

Photo of Aurora Rugerio

Class: Junior
Major: B.S Environmental Science and Resource Management
Email: aurora.rugerio235@csuci.edu

Student Government Vice President: Vaishnavi Ramprasad

Photo of Vaishnavi Ramprasad

Class: Junior
Major: Health Science
Email: vaishnavi.ramprasad677@csuci.edu

Student Government Chief of Staff: Ayleen Trejo

Photo of Ayleen Trejo

Class: Junior
Major: Political Science & Psychology
Email: ayleen.trejo879@csuci.edu

Student Government Director of Operations: Alegra Grace


Student Government Senator: Ilien Tolteca

Phot of Ilien Tolteca

Class: Junior
Major: Chicanx Studies
Email: ilien.tolteca877@myci.csuci.edu

Student Government Senator: Jazmin Guajardo

Photo of Jazmin Guajardo

Class: Sophomore 
Major: Pre-Nursing
Email: jazmin.guajardo557@myci.csuci.edu


Interested in being a senator? Email: SGASI@csuci.edu


Interested in being a part of the Judicial Branch? Email: SGASI@csuci.edu


Interested in being a intern? Email:SGASI@csuci.edu

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