What we do

An entity of Associated Students of California State University Channel Islands, Incorporated (ASI), Student Government is the recognized representative voice of the CI student body. As reflected in our mission statement below, we serve, represent, and advocate for the students of CI on the local, state, and national levels.

Student Government Mission Statement

Placing the students at the center of our educational experience, California State University Channel Islands' Student Government seeks to effectively communicate, create and maintain community, as well as provide and support co-curricular learning. As we represent the University and our student body, we will hold ourselves to the highest standards by leading with integrity and selflessly serving the students and the University on a local, state, and nationwide level.

We strive to:

  1. Communicate with the entire campus including our student body as well as staff, faculty, and administration to ensure that all parties are working collaboratively towards the common goal of student success.
  2. Facilitate and promote community by providing a safe and comfortable campus environment, collaborating with other areas of the University, embracing our local community, and engaging in statewide affairs.
  3. Support co-curricular education by providing leadership opportunities, encourage service learning, strive to develop in areas of the Dimensions,and encourage civic engagement.
Organization of Student Government
Student Government is organized into three primary branches:
  • Executive
  • Legislative
  • Judicial

California State Student Association (CSSA)

CI Student Government has an active membership in the California State Student Association(CSSA). This association is recognized in the California Education Code as the single recognized voice of all California State University system students.

Each CSU campus serves as a member of the Board of Directors and holds one vote. The association takes stances on political issues in order to protect and enhance the interests of CSU students. Also, the association works closely with the California State University Office of the Chancellor to enhance the CSU system.

Each month, a plenary meeting takes place at a different CSU campus, allowing the CSSA Board of Directors to get different perspectives on each campus' unique student cultures.

All CSU students and members of the public are encouraged to attend the plenary meetings so that they are aware of what is taking place on the statewide and national levels. CI is represented by the Student Government President and the Director of External Affairs at each plenary meeting

For more information on CSSA, visit their website: http://www.csustudents.org/.

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