Academic Year 2023-2024

Resolution in Support of the Implementation of an Early Alert System for High D/F/W Courses To Increase Student Success and Retention(PDF, 754 KB)

Resolution in Opposition to the California State University Multi-Year Tuition Increase Proposal (PDF, 258 KB)

Academic Year 2021-2022

Resolution to Reaffirm the University Status as an Ally and Continuance of Support to the LGBTQ Community on Campus (PDF, 94 KB)

Resolution To encourage Continued Compassion and Support for CI Students Amid COVID-19 and Returning to In-Person, Hybrid, and Virtual Instruction (PDF, 312KB) 

Academic Year 2020-2021

Resolution for Continued Student Support During COVID-19 and Virtual Instruction  (PDF, 84.9K)

SWANA Resolution (PDF, 177K)

Academic Year 2016-2017

#StressLessActOf2017 Word Document (MS Word, 32KB)

#StressLessActOf2017 Signed and Scanned Document (PDF, 359KB)

Approved by the senate on 3/14/17

#StandwithCSU Word Document (MS Word, 37.9KB)

#StandwithCSU Signed and Scanned Document (PDF, 636KB)

Approved by the senate on 4/5/17

#TravisRulesofOrder2k17 Word Document (MS Word, 34.8KB)

#TravisRulesofOrder2k17 Signed and Scanned Document (PDF, 123KB)

Approved by the senate on 4/5/17

#HuntPoliticalCommunicationActof2017 (MS Word, 35.8KB)

#HuntPoliticalCommunicationActof2017 Signed and Scanned Document (PDF, 335KB)

Approved by the senate on 5/3/17

#CIStudentSecurityActof2017 Word Document (MS Word, 37.4KB)

#CIStudentSecurityActof2017 (PDF, 543KB)

Approved by the senate on 5/3/17

#BylawsActOf2017 Word Document (MS Word, 65.2KB)

#BylawsActOf2017 (PDF, 7.7MB)

Approved by the senate on 5/3/17

#HuntDoctrineOfBusinessAgricultureOf2017 Word Document (MS Word, 36.7KB)

#HuntDoctrineOfBusinessAgricultureOf2017 (PDF, 578KB)

Academic year 2012-2013:

Resolutions of the Student Government Senate
Resolution NumberResolution Title
SGR-13-01 (PDF, 1.8MB)A Resolution in Support of Governor Brown's Tax Initiative Proposal
SGR-13-02Proclamation for Dr. George Morten, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs at CSU Channel Islands
SGR-13-03 (PDF, 465KB)A Resolution In Support of Marriage Equality
SGR-13-04 (PDF, 412KB)A Resolution Requesting Re-evaluation of the Existing CI Campus Smoking Policy

If you have any questions regarding approved legislation, please contact the current Director of Operations at

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