Academic Year 2016-2017

#StressLessActOf2017 Word Document (MS Word, 32KB)

#StressLessActOf2017 Signed and Scanned Document (PDF, 359KB)

          Approved by the senate on 3/14/17

#StandwithCSU Word Document (MS Word, 37.9KB)

#StandwithCSU Signed and Scanned Document (PDF, 636KB)

          Approved by the senate on 4/5/17

#TravisRulesofOrder2k17 Word Document (MS Word, 34.8KB)

#TravisRulesofOrder2k17 Signed and Scanned Document (PDF, 123KB)

          Approved by the senate on 4/5/17 

#HuntPoliticalCommunicationActof2017 (MS Word, 35.8KB)

#HuntPoliticalCommunicationActof2017 Signed and Scanned Document (PDF, 335KB)

          Approved by the senate on 5/3/17

#CIStudentSecurityActof2017 (MS Word, 37.4KB)

#CIStudentSecurityActof2017 (PDF, 543KB)

          Approved by the senate on 5/3/17

#BylawsActOf2017 (MS Word, 65.2KB)

#BylawsActOf2017 (PDF, 7.7MB)

          Approved by the senatea on 5/3/17

#HuntDoctrineOfBusinessAgricultureOf2017 (MS Word, 36.7KB)

#HuntDoctrineOfBusinessAgricultureOf2017 (PDF, 578KB)



Academic year 2012-2013:

 Resolutions of the Student Government Senate

Resolution number:

Resolution title:

SGR-13-01A Resolution in Support of Governor Brown's Tax Initiative Proposal
SGR-13-02Proclamation for Dr. George Morten, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs at CSU Channel Islands
SGR-13-03A Resolution In Support of Marriage Equality
SGR-13-04A Resolution Requesting Re-evaluation of the Existing CI Campus Smoking Policy


If you have any questions regarding approved legislation, please contact the current Director of Operations at